Always Prepped – A New MCPSA Partner!

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The Missouri Charter Public School Association is pleased to announce a new cooperative purchasing agreement has been established with Always Prepped! Always Prepped is the leading reporting and data solution for school administrators, principals, and teachers. Always Prepped has developed FERPA and COPA compliant technology that seamlessly allows you to integrate or upload excel reports of your academic, behavioral, and attendance information in one place.

School Leaders can use this dashboard to:

  • Easily build attendance; behavioral & academic graphs from excel reports and apps such as PowerSchool, NWEA, Khan Academy & more.
  • Quickly upload past reports to build longitudinal student graphs to view trends in learning.
  • Automatically connect data from educational apps that teachers use in their classroom with all other academic data to build a holistic view of their students.
  • Free up hours of reporting and analysis for you and your teachers and spend more time using this data to drive instruction.

As part of our agreement, Always Prepped will be offering special pricing to our MCPSA member schools from now until April 30th.  The pricing breakdown is as follows:

March 31, 2014 – April 30, 2014

  • Annual License Price (retail) – $2,500/school
  • MCPSA Charter School Pricing
    • $1000/school (1-4 new subscriptions from MCPSA members)
    • $750/school (5-9 new subscriptions from MCPSA members)
    • $500/school (if 10+ schools sign up)

Schools that sign up in March or April will also have their annual license pricing locked in forever.

For more information or to schedule a free demo please contact Chris Mott at (240) 389-4152 or email him at  You can also visit the Always Prepped website at

*Please mention you are a member of the Missouri Charter Public School Association.

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