2011 MCPSA Excellence Award Winners


We know we have great schools with fantastic educators, wonderful charter school programs that we should all be proud of, and tremendous advocates supporting charter public education as a significant piece of education reform in Missouri.   The Missouri Charter School “Excellence Awards” are an opportunity to recognize outstanding charter school individuals and programs in Missouri. […]

MCPSA Conference Recap – Day Two


MCPSA Conference Recap – Day 2Day two of the 2011 Missouri Charter Schools Conference began with a breakfast general session highlighted by a keynote speech from Detroit Edison Public School Academy Superintendent Ralph Bland. Detroit Edison Public School Academy-DEPSA (Charter) is a self-managed school with 1100 students and a staff of 110. Under Bland’s leadership […]

MCPSA 2011 Conference Recap – Day One


MCPSA Conference Recap – Day 1 The 2011 Missouri Charter Schools Conference kicked off with a welcome speech from MCPSA Executive Director, Dr. Douglas Thaman, and a stunning performance by the Grand Center Arts Academy Show Choir. In his speech Thaman stressed the need to “take a step back, evaluate what has been working, consider […]

MCPSA 2011 Missouri Charter Schools Conference Is Approaching

'11 MCPSA Conference logo

The MCPSA Annual Conference is just six weeks away! Register now and join us as we celebrate quality charter public education in the State of Missouri! For more information about our 2011 conference and to register, click here.