Market Place Vendor

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MCPSA’s Vendor Market place is the most basic level of the vendor program. Businesses will receive a listing on MCPSA’s website and a listing in our annual vendor directory. MCPSA staff does not screen Market Place vendors and therefore being a member of the Market Place is not an endorsement by MCPSA of any vendor. Instead, the market place serves as a tool for school leaders and business managers in identifying potential vendors for various products and services.

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For more than twenty-nine (29) years, Supplemental Health Care has been in operation providing professional healthcare staffing services. Our client base is extremely diverse across a variety of clinical settings, including schools. We partner with over 170+ districts nationwide and have consistently provided them with full time and/or part time qualified and competent clinicians. We provide Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services as well as nursing services. We partner with each school to provide a cooperative and collaborative relationship that results in improved student outcomes.


RideFinders Schoolpool program provides K-12 schools parents’ with access to a free, secure online matching service to help them carpool, walk or bike students to and from school. The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of vehicles and traffic congestion at schools, improving the health and safety of students, parents and staff.  To enroll your K-12 school in Schoolpool at no cost, please contact RideFinders at (800) 847-7433 or

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