BAFC Consulting

BAFC Consulting



BAFC Consulting:  Experience & Commitment to Help Charter Schools Succeed

The experienced team at BAFC Consulting understands the unique challenges facing Missouri charter schools, and our consultants have the experience and expertise needed to meet those challenges head on.

We provide a broad range of services to help charter schools succeed, including:

  • Business Operations
    • Financial Services
    • Facilities Planning and Management
    • Human Resources and Employee Recruitment
    • RFP Development and School Contracted Services (i.e., Food Service, Transportation, etc.)
    • Technology Services
  • Curriculum and Student Performance and Data Management
  • Crisis Planning and Management
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Governing Board Training and Services

Since its formation in 2012, BAFC Consulting has supported the diverse needs of dozens of schools and school districts throughout Missouri. Their team of consultants includes a broad range of experienced educators with decades of experience in virtually every area of organizational management. BAFC consultants include former superintendents, chief financial officers and senior administrators from some of the most celebrated schools and school districts in Missouri.


MCPSA member schools will receive guaranteed fixed rate pricing when utilizing BAFC Consulting services.

Contact Us:

To learn more or to arrange a consultation with our team, contact us at (314) 255-2299 or by email at  For more information about BAFC Consulting in general, visit us at