MCPSA to Co-Host National School Choice Week Train Stop in Kansas City

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School Choice Supporters Announce Cross-Country, Whistle-Stop Train Tour for National School Choice Week 2013

The “National School Choice Week Special” will travel from Los Angeles to New York, with 14 whistle-stops along the way, Jan. 25 to Feb. 2, 2013

LOS ANGELES (Dec. 3, 2012) — Tens of thousands of parents, students, teachers, community leaders and education reform supporters will demand greater school choice options for all children on a groundbreaking 14-city, nationwide whistle-stop train tour during National School Choice Week 2013, organizers announced today.

Using the vintage “Northern Sky” railcar to travel from Los Angeles to New York from Jan. 25 to Feb. 2, the tour will evoke past struggles for equality – from suffrage to civil rights – all of which used whistle-stop tours to galvanize support for causes that shaped American history. (More information:

The “National School Choice Week Special” will mark the first national, cross-country whistle-stop train tour for the school choice movement, which includes advocates for high-performing traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, virtual/online education, blended learning, and homeschooling. At each of the 14 whistle-stops along the way, local and national school choice activists will welcome the train and host special events. Whistle-stops include:

•           Los Angeles

•           Albuquerque

•           Topeka

•           Kansas City

•           Chicago

•           Milwaukee

•           South Bend

•           Toledo

•           Cleveland

•           Erie

•           Buffalo

•           Rochester

•           Albany

•           New York City

“Educational equality is the single most important issue of our time, and the result of that fight will define our nation’s prosperity and security for generations to come,” said Andrew Campanella, president of National School Choice Week. “The ‘National School Choice Week Special’ will bring the school choice movement’s messages of hope, solutions and optimism to cities from coast to coast.”

National School Choice Week 2013 will feature more than 3,000 events across the country. The celebration will be bipartisan, diverse and inclusive, with multiple events planned in each of the 50 states. Events, independently planned by parents, students, teachers, education organizations, and citizens across the country, are united by National School Choice Week’s distinctive imagery – including the symbolic yellow scarves – but are centered around local school choice messages.

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