CharterStart – New School Development ($1,000/year)

CharterStart – New School Development ($1,000/year)

Membership Includes:
  • Assistance with timeline development;
  • Question and answer support during application development;
  • Assistance with the City of St. Louis Mayor’s Charter Application Committee submission (St. Louis);
  • Assistance with Charter School Sponsor submission(s) and required revisions;
  • Assistance with Sponsor submission to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education;
  • Weekly communications provided to all charter school members;
  • Participation in the development of MCPSA Legislative Priorities Agenda;
  • Weekly legislative updates and opportunities for involvement through Legislative Session;
  • Advocacy support (Local, Regional, State, Federal);
  • Participation in MCPSA’s Business Partnerships offering discounted purchasing rates;
  • Discounted rates on Consulting Services including Federal Programs and MO Learning Standards
In addition, as a Member, MCPSA Consultation in the Following Areas is Available at a 30% Discounted Rate of $70 per hour:
  • Application review and feedback;
  • School governance, finance, operations, academic trainings;
  • Organizational and business plan review and feedback;
  • Mock interviews focused on Budget, Organizational Planning, Business Planning;
  • Charter school preopening consultation
    • Marketing and enrollment, operations, academic programs, etc.
  • Business and operational planning support via EdOps
    • Year 1 budget preparation
    • Financial startup checklist
    • Financial process definition
    • General ledger maintenance
    • Grant reimbursement support

* For consultation fees and a proposal, please contact Douglas Thaman at

MCPSA Letter of Readiness

On one occasion per 12-month period MCPSA will provide new school development groups, at no cost, a full application review with feedback.  A review evaluates the application’s completion, alignment with the State of Missouri model charter application criteria, State and Federal legal compliance, and alignment with the MCPSA Quality Standards for Charter Schools.  An application found to meet these criteria and be of the highest quality will receive the MCPSA Letter of Readiness providing assurance to any potential Sponsor that the application is one of quality and the capacity exists for the founding group to open, operate, and sustain a high quality school.


“MCPSA’s CharterStart program was a tremendous resource to us as we worked through drafting our application,  securing a sponsor and obtaining authorization from DESE.  The seminars were very informative, the school leader networking extensive and encouraging, and the consulting invaluable.  I don’t see how we could have opened Lafayette Prep without MCPSA there to guide us through the charter application process.”

Shane Dugan, Board President, Lafayette Preparatory Academy

 “Rise Together is very happy with the work MCPSA has provided through CharterStart and very thankful for their support.”

Worku Geremew, Rise Together Charter School

“EAGLE College Preparatory School is gratefully for all the support and guidance provided through MCPSA’s CharterStart. Dr. Thaman and his team provided timely information and continual support throughout our startup year. Their partnership was a key factor to our successful school start.   Moreover, the planning and leadership meetings provided the opportunity to build valuable relationships and network with other charter school leaders.”

 Matt Hoehner, Educational Enterprises, Inc. Regional Executive Director, St. Louis