CharterStart – New School Development

CharterStart – New School Development

Are You Ready
Interested in opening a new charter public school in Missouri? MCPSA is the perfect resource for you!
  • Launch assistance to move your founding group forward!
  • Timeline development to help your group stay on track!
  • Question and answer support to make the application process more manageable!
  • Webinars and Resources to make the application process easier!
  • Customized trainings and support for your organization’s needs!
In addition, MCPSA CharterStart Consultation is available at reduced rate of $75 per hour:
  • Application review and feedback;
  • Organizational and business plan review and feedback;
  • Mock interviews focused on Budget, Organizational Planning, Business Planning;
  • Charter school preopening consultation
    • Marketing and enrollment, operations, academic programs, etc.
  • Business and operational planning support via EdOps
    • Year 1 and 5 budget preparation
    • Financial startup checklist
    • Financial process definition

*CharterStart Consultation is paid in 5-hour retainer increments at $75 per hour ($375).

For more information and to schedule an informational meeting contact Douglas Thaman at

MCPSA Letter of Readiness

On one occasion per 12-month period MCPSA will provide new school development groups, at no cost, a full application review with feedback.  A review evaluates the application’s completion, alignment with the State of Missouri model charter application criteria, State and Federal legal compliance, and alignment with the MCPSA Quality Standards for Charter Schools.  An application found to meet these criteria and be of the highest quality will receive the MCPSA Letter of Readiness providing assurance to any potential Sponsor that the application is one of quality and the capacity exists for the founding group to open, operate, and sustain a high quality school.