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Vendor Program

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Program Overview

The MCPSA Preferred Business Partners Network leverages the purchasing power of Missouri Charter Public Schools and expands access to high quality, cost-saving products and services. Participating in MCPSA’s vendor program will give you direct access to more than 60 charter school business and operations managers. Through our online market place, vendor directory, annual conference booths, and sponsorship opportunities your company can be on the minds of the financial decision makers in Missouri charter schools! Missouri charter public schools are: • Public schools that are free and open to all students in the district where the schools operates; • Funded through state and local public funds; and, • Governed by independent school boards whose sole focus is one school, or group of schools under one charter Missouri has 68 charter public schools • 33 in Kansas City • 35 in St. Louis

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Program Details

Preferred Partner MCPSA’s Preferred Business Service Provicer program showcases companies that have an established track record in Missouri schools. Participants in this level of the vendor program must undergo MCPSA’s 5-point evaluation process which includes: • An interview with MCPSA’s Business and Communications Manager • Web-based research of customer feedback and BBB Status • Follow-up with 2 professional references, preferably ones involved in K-12 education • A review of company financial & risk management practices • An assessment of experience, offerings, and value-adds.

Cooperative Purchasing & Shared Services Partner Cooperative Purchasing & Shared Service Partners must undergo the same rigorous evaluation process as Preferred Partners.  In addition, Cooperative Purchasing and Shared Services Partners must agree to provide schools with economy of scale pricing to ensure they offer the greatest level of cost savings for Missouri Charter Schools.

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To Apply

For more information or to apply to be part a MCPSA Preferred Partner, please contact Jenny Roff at Who we are: The Missouri Charter Public School Association is the membership and professional organization that supports charter public schools, administrators, teachers, parents, and students in the State of Missouri. In 2015, 97% of Missouri Charter Public Schools were members of our association and 100% of school sponsors were associate members. Charter schools served 20,772 students in the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City. As the charter school movement continues to gain momentum in Missouri, it is predicted that in the upcoming years charter schools will span statewide.