Missouri Legislature Appropriates $300,000 for Charter School Commission

MO State Capitol

As part of the state budget, the Missouri Legislature approved $300,000 for operations of the Missouri Charter Public School Commission.  This commission was created with the passage of SB 576 during the 2012 legislative session and is intended solely to be a sponsor of high quality charter schools.  This commission will report to DESE and the State Board of Education in accordance with all statutes related to any charter school sponsor in the state.

Between the 2012 and 2013 legislative sessions MCPSA worked on establishment and private funding sources for the Commission.  The Commission is vital to the continued expansion of high quality charter schools in the state of Missouri.  Many current university sponsors are reaching their capacity for sponsorship of schools with their portfolios in Kansas City and St. Louis.  Quick establishment of the Commission as a quality charter school sponsor would help continue to grow Missouri’s charter school sector as an option for the state’s public school students.

Some slates of potential appointments have been sumbitted to Governor Nixon for final submission to the legislature.  We hope that this process will conclude during the 2014 session.  Governor Nixon could also make interim appointments to the Commission.



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