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St. Louis Language Immersion Schools (SLLIS) was designed to combine language immersion and inquiry-based teaching in a public school environment. In our commitment to inquiry-based instruction and professional growth, SLLIS routinely sends teachers and administrators to visit peer schools across the US to learn from their practice. In our visits, we’ve learned that many of our peer schools are asking themselves the same questions about inquiry and student action in an immersion setting. This co-laboratory is intended to create a space for educators across the US to share their best practices, research, and questions about growing inquiry and making it visible in our instruction.

In conjunction with the College of Education at University of Missouri-St. Louis, SLLIS will bring national thought leaders in immersion and inquiry education together to provide opportunities for transformational insights into student learning, teaching practices and institutional support for inquiry in immersion programs.

With its theme and overarching question of Creating a culture of inquiry, the co-laboratory will invite educators to reflect deeply on how they design and facilitate inquiry-based learning for their students. The conference experience includes both large and small group sessions, each addressing one or more of the following strands:

Student as inquirer:

  • How do we effectively create a culture of thinking?
  • How do we help learners develop dispositions that support thoughtful learning across school subjects?
  • What are the unique challenges and strategies for demonstrating thinking in L2?

Teacher as inquirer:

  • How do we effectively create and support a culture of thinking among teacher teams?
  • How do we help teachers reflect upon their own practice and model inquiry for their students?

Administrator as inquirer:

  • How can we effectively advocate for local or state support for inquiry and immersion?
  • How do we encourage and implement inquiry and action for our instructional teams?
  • What can we learn from the structure of professional learning opportunities locally and virtually?

Educators from all grades PreK-8 and all subjects, especially from International Baccalaureate schools, are encouraged to attend, as are educators from all types of schools. University faculty and graduate students in language and education are also encouraged to attend.

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