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State Standards Study Groups in Development – Revised July 21, 2014

In accordance with HB 1490, passed in the last legislative session and signed by Governor Nixon, groups of classroom teachers and other education professionals, career and technical education representatives, and parents will soon begin work studying learning standards and academic performance standards for the state.  Details regarding the establishment of work groups include the following:

  • The focus for both learning standards and academic performance standards will be English language arts, mathematics, science, and history and governments;
  • For each subject area, there will be two work groups; one for K-5 (16 members) and another for 6-12 (12 members);
  • A person may be selected to serve on more than one work group;
  • A person is not required to be a member of any professional teacher association;
  • All members must be Missouri residents for at least three years;
  • Education professionals must have taught for 10 years or have 10 years of experience in the subject area;
  • Work group members must be selected to represent the geographic diversity of the State;
  • Members of each work group will be chosen by;
    • The Missouri Senate President Pro Tem;
    • The Speaker of the House;
    • The Governor and Lieutenant Governor;
    • The Commissioner of Higher Education;
    • The State Board of Education.

Time commitments, required release time, work group details have not been released however as soon as any additional information is shared we will share with the schools.


The Missouri Charter Public School Association (MCPSA) is developing a list of interested charter public school teachers, administrators, and parents.  These names will be shared with the above legislators in an effort to ensure charter public schools are represented throughout the various work groups.

Any charter public school teacher or parent should inform their school administrator no later than Thursday, July 24th.  Charter public school administrators should provide their list of recommended participants to Douglas Thaman by Friday, July 25th at Information must include:

  • Individual’s Name;
  • Individual’s Role (teacher, administrator, parent, etc.);
  • Individual’s Email Address;
  • Individual’s Phone Number;
  • Subject area preference(s);
  • Study Group preference (K-5 or 6-12);

Recommendations will be taken after the 25th however we anticipate the development of work groups to happen rapidly and want to ensure charter public school inclusion.

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