School Choice Just Became Easier for St. Louis Families!

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School Choice Just Became Easier for St. Louis Families! 17 St. Louis Charter Schools Piloting Online Enrollment System For more and more families navigating the school selection process in St. Louis has become a challenge! With more public school choices than ever before families are confronted with trying to understand what their options are and […]

MCPSA Press Release – 2015 Annual Performance Reports for Missouri’s Charter Schools

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Missouri Charter Public School Association Press Release Missouri’s 2015 Annual Performance Report for Public Schools October 23, 2015 *The following is only for publication or use in media publications after October 23, 2015 at 12:01am Charter schools, PUBLIC schools, are independent and tuition-free schools given the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for […]

An Open Letter To Missouri Charter Public School Educators

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September 2015 Dear Educator, As a charter public school educator, you are given the autonomy to innovate in your classroom and create an environment where your students learn best. That opportunity requires constant monitoring of potential policy and regulatory changes from lawmakers and government officials in Jefferson City as well as efforts by anti-charter/public school choice organizations to […]

Unionization in Missouri Charter Schools

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September 2015 MCPSA Statement – Unionization in Missouri Charter Schools Teachers are the lifeblood of every school. This is particularly true within charter public schools where teachers are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of educating all students to their highest potential. A staff’s right to form a union is enshrined in the Missouri State Constitution […]