MCPSA Applauds Governor Nixon’s Signing of SB 576

MO State Capitol

The Missouri Charter Public School Association applauds Governor Nixon’s signing of SB 576, the major charter school legislation passed during the 2012 General Assembly. “This legislation will provide more families across the state access to quality charter schools held accountable to high standards of academic performance and operational management,” stated MCPSA Executive Director Dr. Douglas […]

MCPSA Letter to the Editor – Governor Nixon Should Sign SB 576

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Published in the St. Louis Post- Dispatch on May 31, 2012 In his State of the State address last January, Governor Nixon called on the legislature to send to his desk “a comprehensive charter school accountability bill that holds all charter schools – and their sponsors – to high standards of academic achievement and financial […]

MCPSA Hails Passage of SB 576 by State Legislature

MO State Capitol

Today, by a vote of 99-54, the Missouri House of Representatives truly agreed to and finally passed SB 576.  SB 576 passed the Missouri State Senate earlier in the legislative session by a vote of 31-2.  This legislation increases the accountability of charter schools in the state while also expanding the locations where charter schools […]

Missouri Senate Passes Charter School Legislation

MO State Capitol

The Missouri Senate today passed Senate Bill 576, increasing the accountability on charter schools and expanding their reach into areas outside of St. Louis and Kansas City.  This legislation is the first major charter school bill passed by the State Senate since the original charter school statute passed in 1998.  The bill passed by a […]

Charter School Legislation for 2012 Session Filed

MO State Capitol

The Missouri Charter Public School Association’s main piece of legislation has been filed for the 2012 session that began on January 4.  SB 576 increases the accountability of charter schools, and their sponsors, in the state and expand the locations where they may open.  SB 576 is sponsored by Senator Bill Stouffer and a similar […]