Missouri Charter School Board Resolutions

At the Missouri Charter Public School Association (MCPSA), we believe it's important the community understands the strong commitment charter public school boards make to govern responsibly. To that end, MCPSA suggested two board resolutions to our member schools: A commitment to charter school board training and a commitment to increased oversight of attendance reporting and school finances. These resolutions serve at a visible way that charter school boards recognize these issues and are actively taking steps that their board is operating effectively, providing strong governance, and serving as an effective steward of public dollars.

Good non-profit school board governance has 8 major characteristics. 'It is participatory, consensus-oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive and follows the rule of law."

Congratulations to the Academy for Integrated Arts Board, Premier Charter School Board, Kairos Academies Board, The Biome School Board, Lift for Life Academies BoardEagle College Prep Schools Board, The Arch Community Schools Board, Hogan Preparatory Academies Schools Board, Citizens of the World Board and University Academies Board on their passage of 2 critically important Board Resolutions!

  • A Resolution Committing to High Quality Governing Board Training Reporting and Procedures

  • A Resolution Committing to Strong Financial Oversight and Auditing of Attendance

Join these schools and have your Charter School Board pass similar resolutions!

Missouri's charter public schools are committed to the AUTONOMY FOR ACCOUNTABILITY Bargain. We are all committed to guarding the public's trust and providing a high quality public education to our students!

For more information contact dthaman@mocharterschools.org


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