Briana France's Testimony

My name is Brianna France and I graduated from University Academy in 2016. My family chose to send me here because they wanted to provide us with the necessary tools needed for me to be successful in life. During the time that they were looking for schools to send me to, they noticed that Kansas City public schools were not performing well academically. They were not only looking for a school that was promising educationally, they also wanted a school that was in a safe location and that was close to our home. University Academy checked all of those boxes.

One of the many perks about going to UA is that they made sure we were prepared for college in multiple aspects. They provided a ton of opportunities for us to be exposed to different college environments. We went on college tours of both big and small campuses, we listened to speakers from a variety of colleges explain what their colleges had to offer, and we had time during class to apply for colleges and scholarships so that we could get help during the process if needed.

I am also grateful for the scholarship opportunities that were provided to me while at UA. The biggest one was that I was able to graduate college debt-free due to a scholarship that I received through The University Academy Foundation, which would not have been possible if I went to any other school.

I think all public-school students deserve a chance to receive a great education, which means funding all public schools equally. Children should not be held at an academic disadvantage because of their families finances. A well funded school lays a foundation by investing in the community for generations to come.