Jillian RainingBird's Testimony

Good Morning my name is Jillian RainingBird. What an opportunity it is to be here to share our story with you. I’m here to tell you a story about a little brown girl from the eastside of Kansas City. She started her first year of preschool in our public school system, now this little girl was brilliant, bright, beautiful, and bold. She was sooo excited to start school. She soon began to realize that there were barriers that were in the way from receiving a proper education.

You see this little girl was in a wheelchair, and she begin to experience some things that no child should have to experience because of their disability. She started to lose that brightness, because she was late to school several days a week due to transportation issues, she dealt with lift and elevator issues frequently, and after 2 years a ramp was finally added on to the school she attended. The ramp so very much needed so she would have an appropriate emergency exit. Fortunately for this girl, she had school choice, which allowed her to seek out another institution for her education.

The girl began a new journey in education at a Charter School. The charter school was able to give her the education experience that she direly needed. Even though Special Needs Students require more resources which require more funding, the education was equitable, and she flourished, and blossomed beautifully. There is currently a funding issue happening right now due to a glitch in the calculating for funding, children like the little girl mentioned are being shortchanged on education funding, and that just isn’t right. It’s not equitable.

All public schools should receive the same amount of funding for children, because none of our children are worth more than another. Please help us get our children’s education funded equitably. The Public Charter School Students are worth it. That little girl from the eastside of Kansas City was my baby. Her name is Jaelah RainingBird- Minme. She loved everything Teal,

Pink, she loved butterflies, unicorns, she loved the Chiefs and she loved her charter school community. Jaelah died on 7/7/19 at 16:16 in the evening after a brave, beautiful, bold fight. She was 6 years old, and just had completed Kindergarten at Crossroads Charter School in Kansas City Please Support House Bill 137, Thank you for your time.