Mauri Scott's Testimony

I’m blessed to be the proud Grandmother of three young gentlemen who have been taught and nurtured through LaSalle. What keeps my  grandchildren there is the curriculum, the atmosphere, and so much more,  that is relevant to their needs, gifts and interests. 

In order to thrive, all students must feel valued, feel safe, but most  importantly feel that they are heard. To know that their differences are  accepted, and their talents appreciated. Children that cross the threshold at  our charter public school are engaged, challenged, and nurtured to  succeed daily.  

With each year I have witnessed the Charter public school community  strive to bring many learning opportunities to my grandchildren and all  students, like robotics and other STEM courses that our students embrace with enthusiasm and grow to love. Opportunities like these are essential if 

all children are to compete on a level playing field as we prepare them for  the future. Each child is unique and therefore must be met where they are,  no matter their skill set for they are all truly worth it. 

Amazement is the look on their faces following college trips, as well as,  field trips that stimulate their minds, imaginations, and put smiles on their  faces. 

My grandchildren and their classmates are no different  than the children attending traditional schools and their education should  be funded equitably. 

Thank you and stay well!