Empowering Students to Find their Place

Our family has found a home at Brookside Charter School. We have four children ages 10, 8, 6 and our baby girl, and after sending our children to our neighborhood school, we decided we needed to find a school that would empower and motivate our children to learn and be the best they can be because they felt lost. 


Our 10 year old has only been at Brookside Charter School for one semester and his teachers quickly identified him as a student leader, he literally said “I cannot believe this! Me? A leader!?” His experience has been all things positive, and even though he joined the school during such a difficult time – the pandemic – his teachers and the support staff have made him feel welcome and important since day one. 


Our 6-year-old daughter was struggling with reading and our 8-year-old had been having a challenging time with math before coming to this school. The amazing Brookside team approach to supporting our children one on one is the best thing I could hope and ask for as a parent. 


Also, I have friends and family at other schools where communication with parents is not consistent, personable or in our home language. This is not the case at Brookside Charter School; my wife and I feel connected to the school and while our kids have been doing virtual learning they quickly let us know when our children are late to class or are missing an assignment. We definitely plan on bringing our daughter to this school when she’s ready for preschool!