Helping Students Shine Bright

Adriel, my granddaughter, is in 6th grade at Brookside Charter School. She loves her school and she’s very happy there. This is so important to both of us: that she’s happy. She’s always talking about her teachers, her friends and all the people at her school. She’s an English language learner and the support she gets from Mrs. Redmond and Mr. Warner has been so good for her. 


Adriel was in another public school before, and for some reason it really seemed that she was just not her shining and brilliant self as she does now that she’s at Brookside. She struggles like many kids and has a few challenges, but that doesn’t ever worry me because she gets the extra support from her teachers and the whole team. 


Our family is from Jamaican heritage and our cultural values are something we’re very proud of. Our school really embraces cultural diversity and this is very important to us.