Education Fit for a Princess

We moved to Kansas City from Houston recently and as we were looking for a school for Analay, highly energetic 5 year old kindergarten princesa, we felt a bit lost. We relied on the opinion and recommendation of our friends and that was very valuable to us. We came to Brookside Charter School and immediately felt it was a great fit. 


Analay was going through a huge adjustment: new city, new school, new home, missing her friends and all that we left back in Houston. And all of this in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


When she started school, she was faced with a variety of challenges: she was very hyperactive, struggled finding ways to focus and needed in-person support. I work a night shift at Smithfield foods and she spends the evening with her dad. As an only child, Analay really needed to be in school and receiving her English language learning support in-person. Brookside made it possible, and paired her with a counselor that meets twice a week with her. This has been a transformative experience for her and for us as a family. 


In her own words, “I love everythings at my school: my friends, Ms. Redmond, Mr. Warner...He teaches me everything! I also like walking and now read at level C! I also looove watercoloring!” 


Analay is fluent both in Spanish and English, and this is most definitely something our family wants to preserve and grow. 


The school we came from in Houston was huge and teachers didn’t really have much communication with parents. And the truth is, I’m a very involved parent. I want to know everything: I want to help, to support my daughter and to advocate for her. I want to know what she’s learning, what her progress is, and always want her to feel motivated and to stay curious about the world around her. 


Here, I feel very connected. Sometimes I feel like I’m bugging the teachers too much...but they don’t mind! As difficult as our adjustment to a new city has been, finding a school that’s committed to serving my daughter’s needs has been the best experience in Kansas City so far.