A Brighter Future Requires A Quality Education for Our Children

I didn’t have an opportunity to get a proper education as a child because I come from a very poor family in Cuba and I was only able to complete schooling up to 6th grade. That’s why for me as a dad, finding a school that provides quality public education for my son has always been my priority. 


My son is a fifth grader this year attending Ewing Marion Kauffman School. My husband and I decided to transfer him to this school in the beginning of the pandemic because the virtual program at his former school was not challenging him enough and wasn’t keeping him as busy as he likes to be. He’s a pretty smart kid, with lots of energy, loves math, loves science and always looks forward to his guided reading class. He needs to be immersed in a learning environment that continuously pushes him to reach his full potential. 


Kauffman has a rigorous curriculum that’s perfect for him and he’s been thriving since he’s been at this school. We love that Kauffman School understands and values the fact that we are a bilingual family and that we work hard at home to grow our son’s biliteracy. He speaks, reads and writes in Spanish and English very well and we motivate him to keep cultivating this gift because we know how important it will be for his cognitive growth and his access to greater opportunities in the future.


I want to point out that as a dad who’s always been extremely active in all aspects of my son’s education, our experience at the two charter public schools we’ve had him in, the support and communication that both students and families receive has been impressive..very different from our experience at the neighborhood school he previously attended, where also – unfortunately – he was experiencing bullying. 


All children must have access to the learning model that suits their learning style, that pushes them forward and provides them quality education...the future of the world is in the education of our children.