KIPP: St. Louis Gave School Choice to ALL Her Children

We are a proud KIPP High School, St. Louis family. My oldest son, a 12th grader now, is a go-getter, a person with true leadership, and an encourager, both in academics and athletics. At KIPP, he participates in the track team and serves as a mentor for his teammates. KIPP has seen his natural ability in leadership and has developed it in him by encouraging him to tutor and lead those that may struggle with their workmay not understand work sometimes  and support them along the way. His teachers and the staff have opened many doors for him and gotten him to visit college programs, like Washington University, and given him opportunities to explore different areas of interest. He’ll be graduating soon and is looking into the Probation Officer field; he’s eligible for scholarships to attend Maryville University.  


My 9th grader has struggled a bit with the learning transition to the virtual learning model due to the pandemic…it has been rough for him. For several years now, he has received extra support and has an IEP in place. KIPP has created opportunities for him to learn and explore his abilities and supported him as he works hard to meet his learning goals. They’ve provided services for him to talk to a counselor and meet with a speech therapist. He can’t wait to get back in-person because that’s the model that definitely works best for him. And KIPP most definitely has his back!


For several years I homeschooled both my children, one up to 3rd and the other up to 5th grade. The program ended so I had to look for a proper education that would continue building strong skills in them. I found KIPP through ads and commercials, and also through word of mouth. What drew me to KIPP was the culture of people and the diversity of the school, not just centering around African American students, but other ethnicities as well.


As a parent, I feel valued and heard. I attend the monthly parent meetings where parent’s voices are welcomed, appreciated and taken into consideration. This is very important to me and we will definitely stay at KIPP until my younger son graduates.