Hogan Prep Fuels Our Family with Hope and Strength

I am a single parent of four children that attend Hogan Prep Academy. I have two middle schoolers and two high school students. As I sit here and think about Hogan Prep Academy and what they have done for me and my family, it's hard to put things into wordsperspective. I also have to add a little humor and ask, "how much time do you have to read my response?" I have been with Hogan Prep Academy since August of 2014, and let's just say, for me and my family, we have been on a roller coaster ride. We have experienced issues from homelessness, not just once but at least four times. We have had issues of children that have experienced depression, talks of suicide and even had issues of parents separating. 


When I talk about our school I get very emotional because if it wasn't for Hogan Prep, I don't know where I would be. I say that with a full heart because there were times I was ready to give up and give in and there wasn't one staff member that wasn't ready to step in and take charge and assist me to get back on my feet on every single adversity that I faced.  You have to understand, Hogan Prep isn't just a school, it's a family. When I say family, I mean to the fullest measures. You can feel the love when you go into one of the three Hogan Prep schools. You can feel connected, you can feel at home. My children have learned to become more respectful, more attentive, more engaged, and have learned self-control when they felt they had none. My children have become responsible and they feel they have a voice. I, too, share these feelings. 


As many parents in the inner city feel, we feel afraid to open up because we are scared of our families being destroyed and or separated. I have not once felt that at Hogan Prep. They have pushed me past my limits into becoming not only a better parent but a better person. I have more self esteem than I ever have had, I have made hard choices to better my families because I had the safety net of the RAM FAM.  


I would like to take this time to speak very highly of a particular staff member,  Mr. Arthur Seabury. Believe me when I say this staff member is me and my children's family. Not by blood but by what he has done and what he continues to do on a daily basis. This man has a heart of gold and isn't recognized enough. He not only has the title of being a school counselor, to many children at Hogan Prep he is their father figure, their uncle figure and even their friend. 


There are many children, including mine, that look forward to going to school every day just to see his face and to hear what encouraging words he has to say to them. He uplifts them to become better. He lets them know they are not a product of their environment and that they can and will be somebody. He has assisted with clothing them, feeding them, providing their families with help that will be long term and he has helped parents be better parents. He steps outside of himself and his title each and every day. I am very thankful for things he has helped me and my children with and this is one reason RAM FAM exists. 


I would say it loud and proud and to anyone that will listen why I love Prep and will continue to keep my children there. This school is amazing and underappreciated. I am beyond proud of the entire Hogan Team for all their hard work and for the recent news of the renewal of our school’s charter. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my family and that includes my family at HOGAN PREP ACADEMY.