Our School is Our Family

My name is Ashlei Biggins and I have two children who attend Hogan Prep Academy (as well as five nieces and nephews). As a proud “hands on” parent (who happens to live near the school), I spend a lot of time being supportive to the school’s needs because education is very important...and Hogan is our family! 


I like public charter schools because they have a different way of teaching. My kids have really enjoyed the literacy and reading program that has taken place over the summer. My older daughter is the track meets manager, and this experience has empowered her to help others and grow her leadership skills. Two of my nieces are also actively engaged in track. 


As you can read, our experience as a family has been incredible. The Hogan Prep Team cares and is passionate about helping our students and their families in every way. They see the wellbeing of their families as a whole, and are very supportive of us always, no matter what our needs are as a family are. 


I want to give credit to Mr. Seabury, the district social worker. Mr. Seabury has not only made an impact on my children’s lives, he has done the same for me as well, as a parent. He loves and enjoys what he does, and goes above and beyond to make sure the families at school have all and any resources that they may need. If anyone needs any type of help, assistance and or shelter, Mr. Seabury will make sure those resources are provided and will not quit until the need is covered. He is such a great inspiration in my life.


As a parent who works hard to manage family life, attend school and complete a bachelor's degree in Psychology, I needed support and guidance all along. Mr Seabury inspired me to not give up and continue to work hard. I am honored to have such a great mentor and outstanding Social Worker working with my children, family members and myself. Mr. Seabury is beyond great. He has paved the way for my success. Thank you, Mr. Seabury and thank you Hogan Prep Academy for all you’ve done for us throughout the years! We celebrate Hogan’s charter renewal with pride and look forward to continuing to grow with the Hogan Family!