At Lift for Life Academy, teamwork creates champions both on and off the court.

To say it was magical would be an understatement! The Lady Hawks Basketball season marks Lift for Life Academies' first State Championship and the first in St. Louis charter school history. The coronavirus may have slowed the season or even stopped it a couple of times. But once the team won the district title, there was no stopping them.


The teamwork leading the Lady Hawk's to the State Championship and the men's team to the semi-finals is found both on the court and in the classroom.


La Von Williams, an LFLA parent, appreciates the options provided by the charter schools. "Both my children attended a charter elementary school. As they got older, they had different interests and needs." Today, La Von's son attends Westminster, a private school in St. Louis County, and her daughter, Chase, is one of three freshman students playing on the varsity women's basketball team. "My experience is that all children are different, and having a choice of where to send my children allows them to pursue their interests, said Williams. My daughter excels in the smaller class sizes available in the charter schools." 


 "When you are in a school like this, it affects you in a positive way in all aspects of your life. You are talking about going from the classroom into the gym, said Coach Greg Brown, women's varsity basketball coach. "Coach G" joined LFLA two years ago, where he immediately noticed a difference from other schools where he had worked. "Here, the teachers build personal relationships with the kids. It is the whole aura of the school, it feels like a private school, but you don't have to pay tuition.


Chandra Palmer, LFLA's Athletic Director, captured the thrilling ride of the season.


"The ladies fought all season to find the chemistry and teamwork to make this amazing run possible. They played against powerhouses...and that prepared them for this journey and created a bond that will forever be unbreakable."


The teamwork, resilience, and determination learned this season in sports apply equally to the accomplishments seen in the classroom. LFLA's supportive environment puts students first.


Chase put it this way, "My charter school is so welcoming. I really feel at home there, and they are part of my family."