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About Us:

MCPSA was incorporated in 2006 by a dedicated group of volunteers and member schools. In 2006, the Association began to expand the portfolio of services offered to the charter school community and hired its first Executive Direct

Our mission is to improve student achievement by increasing access to high quality charter public education options throughout Missouri.

We envision all of Missouri’s charter public schools working together to maximize their collective strength to best serve students and families. In order to make this happen, MCPSA continuously develops and implements strategic services, resources, and partnerships intended to assist charter schools in providing the best possible public school opportunity to students and families.

MCPSA is the only organization dedicated specifically to the needs of the charter school sector and has established relationships with the schools and earned a reputation as being the “go-to” organization of Missouri charter schools.


To improve student achievement by increasing access to high quality charter public education options throughout Missouri.


Our values reflect what we believe in. They summarize our core beliefs and principles. We articulate our values to remind us that these are the behaviors and beliefs that we strive to uphold. Here are our organizational values:
  • Excellence – We expect high quality outcomes from ourselves and the charter school community because the work we do impacts the lives of our children.
  • Accountability – Holding charter schools accountable for the quality of the education they provide to Missouri’s students is paramount to the success of Missouri’s charter movement and to the future of our state. We must hold our schools and ourselves to a high quality standard in everything we do.
  • Integrity – To maintain public trust and credibility in our efforts, we operate with respect, consideration, and honesty in our relationships with both people who share our vision and those who do not.
  • Diversity – To reflect the diversity we expect from the charter community and we see in our best classrooms, our organization is committed to including talented individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Innovation – We promote and support promising new ideas and approaches, both within our organization and the public school sector.

Our vision statement is a word picture of where we want the organization and the movement to be in ten years. Our vision is as follows:

MCPSA is recognized and respected as the primary resource and representative voice of the state’s charter school sector. Our sector includes students and families flourishing in over 100 high quality charter schools throughout Missouri. MCPSA is a sustainable, dynamic, entrepreneurial organization playing a vital role in both the charter and traditional public school systems. Citizens and policymakers openly acknowledge the value of a thriving charter school environment. Our efforts are helping to re-shape public education, providing Missouri’s students and families with more high quality public education options than ever before.