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Government Affairs Advisory Council

The Government Advisory Council (GAAC) assists the MCPSA Staff and Board of Directors with legislative policy priorities, federal legislative matters, government department matters, local government matters and offers input on state legislation impacting membership. They also communicate priorities and positions and participate in providing testimony and actively advocate for Association priorities.
Council Charge:
  • To provide advisory information to MCPSA;
  • To act as a communication vehicle between the various MCPSA membership schools and sponsors regarding policy, priorities and positions;
  • To provide advisory input on government affairs matters of concern to the membership;
  • To assist in implementing the Board of Directors approved legislative priorities by contacting federal and state officials and staff, personal visits, providing committee testimony, issuing editorials and letters to the editor, etc.
  • To serve as a sounding board to MCPSA Staff when critical government affairs decision making must occur;
  • To assist in communicating Association legislative priorities and positions as well as participate in providing testimony and actively advocating for these priorities.
The GAAC is comprised of up to 4 charter school leaders, one higher education sponsor, one alternative sponsor, one member of the MCPSA Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors' Chair (who may serve in a dual capacity based on position). The GAAC is moderated by the MCPSA Executive Director. The MCPSA Director of Advocacy and the Director of Communications also join for discussion.
2021-2022 Membership