2021 MCPSA Conference » Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, October 6th
2:00 PM:   Exhibitor Load-In
4:00 PM:   Registration Opens
6:00 PM:   Happy Hour Begins
Thursday, October 7th
7:30 AM:   Check-in
                        Expo Hall & Breakfast Buffet Opens 
8:00 AM:   General Session (Salon A)
                        Missouri Charter School Sponsor Network Annual Meeting
                        Celebrating 30 Years of Chartering Origins and Myths
                             to Ensure the Academic Success of Males of Color
9:00 AM:   Expo Hall Time
                        Transition to Morning Breakout Sessions
9:10 AM:   Breakout Sessions
                         Big Reputation - How Does School Reputation Factor into
                               the Rate of School Decline?: A Workshop for Schools (Salon A)
                         Maslow Before Bloom - Part One (Columbia)
                         cLEAD: Character Leadership Exploration and Development
                             - Part One (Pines)
10:40 AM: Morning Coffee and Tea Break in the Expo Hall (Salon B & C)
11:00 AM: Morning Breakout Sessions
                         7 Fundamentals of High Performing Charter School Boards 
                              (Salon A)
                         Maslow Before Bloom - Part Two (Columbia)
                         cLEAD: Character Leadership Exploration and Development
                              - Part Two (Pines)
12:30 PM: Box Lunches Available & Expo Hall Time
12:40 PM: General Session (Salon A)
                         Whose Dollars are They Anyway?
1:20 PM:   Expo Hall Time & Round Table Speed Session - Tackling Leader 
                        Challenges (Salon B & C)
1:50 PM:   Expo Hall Time
                        Transition to Afternoon Breakout Sessions
2:00 PM:   Breakout Sessions
                              Workshop for Sponsors - Part One (Salon A)
                        Promoting Individual and Community Flourishing in Schools 
                        Eliminating Confusion through Clear Observation Feedback 
3:30 PM:    Snack Break in the Expo Hall
3:45 PM:    Afternoon Breakout Sessions
                         Identifying Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools: A
                              Workshop for Sponsors - Part Two (Salon A)
                         Unifying our Charter School Voice (Columbia)
                         Coaching Through Conflict (Pines)
4:45 PM:     Conference Ends