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School Membership

In order to preserve the best elements of the current charter school environment and work toward higher student achievement, equitable resources, and greater public acceptance, a statewide association is essential. Every state with a vibrant and progressive charter school community has a representative membership body offering a diverse portfolio of services to the charter sector. By nature, charter public schools are independent, often isolated, entities. A coordinating body can work to maximize the collective value of individual schools and disseminate quality practices, resources, and opportunities throughout the sector.

MCPSA offers full membership to charter public schools currently operating in the state of Missouri. Full membership entitles a charter school to all benefits offered by MCPSA, including representation on the MCPSA Members Council. Please contact Douglas Thaman, Executive Director, for information regarding MCPSA Membership at 314-776-3551 or

Associate Membership

MCPSA welcomes the support of sponsoring universities, pre-operational charter school groups, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and other community members interested in furthering high quality public school options for students and families. We envision a public school sector where students and families choose the public school best meeting their needs from a diverse portfolio of high quality options. The support of our Associate Members is critical in working toward that vision.

If your organization, corporation, or university are interested in supporting MCPSA as an Associate Member (and receiving Associate Member discounts and information access), please contact Douglas Thaman for information regarding MCPSA Membership at 314-776-3551 or

More Ways to Engage

There are many ways you or your organization can support charter schools in their work to provide high quality public education options for children and families. While financial support is very much appreciated, providing your expertise, experience, and practical resources to charter public schools can often be the most effective way to contribute to a school’s ability to best serve students. If you or your organization are interested in any of the following activities, please contact Douglas Thaman: 314-776-3551, to discuss your options. There is a great deal of potential to make a tremendous impact on the lives of children by financially or personally supporting charter public schools – we sincerely appreciate your consideration of these opportunities.

  • Serve on the board of a charter public school;
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to a charter public school board;
  • Mentor charter public school leaders in areas of organizational leadership;
  • Provide meeting space for groups looking to develop a high quality charter public school;
  • Engage charter public schools in programs your organization provides for internships, mentorship, or learning experiences;
  • Financially support an existing program at a charter public school (i.e. chess club, table tennis team, music club, study abroad, etc);
  • Connect charter public schools and the Missouri Charter Public School Association to other individuals and organizations that are committed to providing high quality public education options to students and families.


MCPSA E-mail List

The Missouri Charter Public School Association is asking for your help with its efforts to educate and advocate for charter public schools. MCPSA is coordinating an email list with information about public charter schools and pro-charter activities. Charter public school parents, teachers and staff are welcome (and encouraged) to sign up for the email list by CLICKING HERE​​​​​​​.

The Missouri Charter Public School Email List will allow MCPSA to provide a broad audience with information concerning events, highlights about local schools, efforts to drive quality in the charter school sector, and ways to take action on their behalf. MCPSA envisions this as an opportunity for parents, teachers, and supporters of high quality public education options to learn more about Missouri’s growing charter school community and how to be involved. There are many ways to support the schools you choose to attend, but one of the easiest is to stay informed and engage when an opportunity presents itself. MCPSA encourages anyone interested in helping the charter school community to sign up.

For More Information

If you have general questions regarding MCPSA membership, associate membership, or other ways to engage with charter public schools, please contact:

Douglas Thaman, Executive Director

Phone: 314-776-3551


We thank you very much for your interest and support!