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Funding Equity

#FixTheGlitch – So ALL Public School Students
Receive a Fair Share
We need to let our elected officials know your children's charter schools matter by sending them real stories about real children, families, teachers, and community members who believe in charter schools and your right to choose the best option for your children! By sharing your stories you will help personalize this issue. The decisions made in Jefferson City impact real people who live, educate their children, and vote. Help us #FixTheGlitch and bring equitable funding to your children's education!
  • The problem is a "glitch" in the way school funds are dispersed for students.
  • The law needs to be changed!
  • Text FIXTHEGLITCH to 52886 to stay up to date and learn how you can help.
  • Post your #FixTheGlitch messages to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Tag your local representatives
  • Use #FixTheGlitch and tag MCPSA:
  • Make sure to post to your personal social media channels.