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Missouri Charter Public School Commission

The Missouri Charter Public School Commission was established in 2012 (RSMo 160.425). Lawmakers, charter school advocates and education reformers wanted an independent sponsoring entity with the authority to sponsor high quality charter schools throughout Missouri.  Sponsors enter into a contract with a Missouri non-profit organization that demonstrates the ability and capacity to operate a quality independent public school.  Sponsors hold these schools accountable for the performance of the school and to the conditions of the contract.  Performing schools can have their contract renewed.  Poor quality charter schools can be closed.
The Commission consists of nine (9) members appointed by the Governor, with consent of the Senate. Members are selected from a slate of three (3) nominees provided from each of the following:  the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education, Commissioner of Higher Education, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Missouri School Boards Association.  Four members are appointed by the Governor. No more than five members can be of the same political party and no more than two members can come from the same US Congressional District. Members serve a four year term.
Currently, MCPSC is funded through a State appropriation.  Future funding will be generated through the 1.5% sponsorship fees as outlined in RSMo 160.400.11.
If the State Board of Education removes the authority of another sponsor, the Commission will become the new sponsor for any of their current charter schools.