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University of Missouri - St. Louis

Why We Sponsor Charter Public Schools:
Our Mission:
Fight educational inequity in St. Louis by supporting successful charter public schools.
In support of efforts to overcome educational inequity and ensure that all children receive the quality education they deserve without regard to income-level, race or ethnicity, the University of Missouri-St. Louis currently sponsors six charter public schools in St. Louis. UMSL’s College of Education established the Charter Schools Office over two years ago to provide oversight and support to its schools.
Our Schools:
  • We are proud to sponsor six unique schools:
    • Lafayette Preparatory Academy: Currently grades K-2 and expanding to grade 5
    • North Side Community School: Pre-K through 5
    • Preclarus Mastery Academy: Currently grades 5 – 8 and expanding to grade 12
    • Premier Charter School: K – 8; formerly known as St. Louis Charter School
  • St. Louis Language Immersion Schools:
    • The French School: Currently grades K-5 and expanding to grade 12
    • The Spanish School: Currently grades K-5 and expanding to grade 12
    • The Chinese School: Currently grades K-2 and expanding to grade 12
    • South City Preparatory Academy: Currently grades 5-8 and expanding to grade 12
Our Role:
Both the Dean of the College of Education, Carole Basile, and the Director of Charter Schools, Bill Mendelsohn, believe that the sponsor’s responsibility to hold its schools accountable to its students and their families through vigilant oversight is paramount. We regularly evaluate our schools’ in the areas of student performance, governance, leadership and finance and ensure that our schools are compliant with state and federal statutes.
But this is just one aspect of our role. We deeply believe in the visions of our schools. If the students they serve are successful, their lives will be transformed through their ability to access the same opportunities available to their counterparts living in suburban school districts. So we also believe that our primary role is to support our schools in their quest to reach their visions for their students. We actualize this support in three ways:
  1. Partnership: Work together with our schools to assess progress towards their vision, identify areas for improvement and develop solutions to address them.
  2. Empowerment: Provide direct resources from UMSL and the Charter School Office to school leaders that enable them to accelerate progress towards their vision.
  3. Connection: Connect charter schools to local, state and national resources that support their efforts to achieve their vision.
Through this support, UMSL’s Charter School Office serves the children of St. Louis who deserve a great education.