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Washington University

Washington University serves as the charter public school sponsor of KIPP St. Louis and the Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls. Charter public school sponsorship is one of many ways that the university supports K-12 public education in the St. Louis region.
As a sponsor, the university ensures that charter public schools are in compliance with all federal and state statutes. In addition, the university is committed to supporting student academic achievement by connecting the charter public schools it sponsors with university resources such as the Brown School Urban Education Initiative, the Institute for School Partnership and the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement
Washington University is focusing its efforts on effectively partnering with a small number of charter public schools. Additional charter public school sponsorship will be considered only when the University determines there is both unmet need and has the clear capacity to provide appropriate oversight and support services.
Several core principles guide Washington University’s charter public school sponsorship decisions. These core principles include:
  • Schools have strong local community leadership and governing boards;
  • Schools demonstrate success in, or present a detailed plan for, increasing access to higher education for traditionally underserved populations;
  • Schools provide evidence of strong capacity to provide high quality and effective instruction with measurable student achievement gains;
  • Schools present detailed plans to develop sustainable, meaningful partnership opportunities with Washington University;
  • Schools present plan and documentation of an educational funding model which supports long-term fiscal health.
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