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Positive Stories

Dear Members, School Leaders and Staff, Parents, Students & Alumni


While the number of students enrolled in public schools continues to increase and more parents look to charters for their kids’ educational experience, negative narratives persist around charter public schools. However, we know from experience that charter public schools’ tailored, adaptable, and innovative approach have had a positive impact on many students. 


We want to hear from you and give you the chance to win $250! Share your own positive stories of how your school meets each student where they are, how your school implements innovative approaches to support students of all needs, and how your school creates a supportive community for everyone from every background. The top ten stories will be awarded $250 each. 


Please submit your story by filling out this form or upload a selfie video, here, that answers the following questions, whatever is easiest for you. No word limit or specific format required! 

  • For Teachers/Administrators:
    • Tell us about you:
      • Your name, background and what role you play for your charter school.
    • What drew you to charter public schools as a career choice?
    • How does your charter school allow you to be creative and meet the unique needs for your students – especially during the pandemic? 
    • If you are a teacher of color, have you faced any barriers to entry in your field? 
      • How do you feel your background influences your teaching style and approach?
    • Tell us about an innovative program/approach at your school.


  • For Parents and Caregivers: 
    • Tell us about you:
      • Your name, background, a description of your child, what school they attend.
    • How does your school meet the specific needs of your student?
    • What drew you to your charter public school?
    • Are there any memorable moments, where a teacher/educator went above and beyond to help your child?
    • Are there any specific moments during the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic that have highlighted the value of your charter school?


  • For Students and Alumni:
    • Tell us about you:
      • Your name, grade in school, school you attend(ed), and your background.
    • How does/did your charter public school help you academically, emotionally, and socially?
    • Were there any challenges for you as a student?
    • How did your public charter school respond to your specific needs? 
    • Was there a memorable moment where a teacher, student, or charter public school staff went above and beyond for you?
    • Were there any unique programs/services that your school provided or that you participated in?
    • Did you feel “seen” and understood by your teachers, peers, and other staff? How so?
    • What was your favorite part about the school?


DEADLINE: Your story ideas and brief written statement should be submitted by Monday, April 19, 2021 on our online form or submit a selfie video, here. If you have any questions email Edie Barnard,


From these submissions, MCPSA will choose the most compelling stories and may ask you to film a video, be interviewed by the media, or participate in other communications efforts. 


Winners will be selected in mid-April. Participants may be contacted to assist MCPSA with communication & advocacy efforts.


Thank you!